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Darwin and the Dinosaurs audio trail (Crystal Palace)

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Darwin and the Dinosaurs audio trail (Crystal Palace)

The Darwin and the Dinosaur audio trail takes you back to a time well before mobile phones.

The year is 1852. The Crystal Palace Company moves to Penge and commissions leading scientist of the day, Richard Owen to create the life size Dinosaur models for the park, with the aid of artist Benjamin Hawkins.

Join them during this audio trail as they bring the world’s first theme park to life, in what we now know as Crystal Palace Park.

Audio Trail files

01 The first theme park

02 Megaloceros

03 A giant ground sloth

04 Mosasaurus

05 If only they had known about T.Rex

06 Paxtons Bridge

07 Iguanadon dinner party

08 Old crocs

09 The beginning of time

10 A Hylaeosaurus eye view

Darwin_and_the_Dinosaurs_PDF map

“Audio Trails have brought Charles Darwin and his science to life through a series of exciting trails and dramatic stories. They are helping us to raise the profile of Darwin during his Bicentenary year and introduce wider audiences of all ages to his important work and the local heritage.

They have worked and consulted closely with our local experts and target groups to produce innovative and fun interpretation, allowing us to promote Darwin’s Landscape Laboratory without the need for numerous interpretation boards encroaching on the visual aspect of the sensitive landscape.”

Aimee Jones, London Borough of Bromley

Five more Charles Darwin-themed audio trails were produced as part of the project on behalf of the London Borough of Bromley’s Darwin’s Landscape Laboratory.

Download them all from our Charles Darwin audio trails – Bromley page.

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